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What Calls You? Journaling Exploration

Video Course with Marnie Richman

Sometimes, some ‘thing’ calls you. Often it is a whisper. Usually, it’s something you can’t put words to. It’s a gentle tug or nudge at times. Other times it’s a very loud roar. Whatever way and however loud it shows up, somehow it’s always there. 

It’s very easy in life to sink into the familiar, the autopilot, the comfortable. You get the new job, you create the new relationship, you move to the new city… At first it is creative, fun, an adventure. And, unless you stay present in your life and with all the things before you know it, you are on the hamster wheel, waking up and doing the same thing every day because it was what you did yesterday. Then the niggle starts. The nudge. Maybe it shows up as boredom, restlessness. Maybe it shows up in reaching for a substance or any other form of distraction. Whatever way it shows up, what is it really? What is it that calls YOU? What gets in the way of having clarity with that? Who and what keeps you from choosing towards it?

In this Journaling Exploration Video Course, we will discuss all of that and more. There are 10 modules as well as journaling questions and exercises to assist you with clearing out the yuck so that you can be free to create what truly lights you up.

Not a writer? Not to worry! There are many ways to express your voice without ever picking up a pen. I will share those with you in the introduction. 

It is my perspective that when each of us as individuals listens to whatever it is that calls us and follows it, the world becomes a greater place for us all. Let’s uncover what that is for you!

What you'll get:

  • 10 Module Video Course
  • Journaling Questions & Exercises 


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