Hi! We are Bill and Marnie Richman.

We met at North Italia in Houston, TX in a highly unlikely and quite serendipitous way in October of 2018. Each of us having endured 2 failed marriages, neither of us looking for round 3, the joy of having someone in your life who truly makes everything greater, absolutely everything, was something I didn't know existed and together we have created what we like to call The Brat Life. 

The Brat Life is the idea that pleasure is one the primary purposes of life. In other words, hedonism. It’s the concept of waking up every morning with joy and savoring every single sensual beautiful moment in life. Our point of view is that if more people were enjoying their lives and their bodies, the world would be a much healthier happier place so our motto for the Richman house is, “Where every day is a holiday and every meal a banquet.” 

The word "brat" in America is typically used to describe a kid who gets whatever they want and its connotations are derogatory. You may have heard the saying, “Spoiled little brat” with regards to a child. The Brat Life appears to be a charmed life, a life of much spoiling, and whilst it is filled with the pleasures of life, there is more to it than that. 

The Brat Life recognizes two things:

1. You can create whatever you would like to have as your life, whatever would be hedonistic and full of pleasure for you… Key word… YOU. The Brat Life is not about being entitled and expecting things to be handed to you. Action, also referred to as work, is required to truly savor all things beautiful in life. When you know what you desire and commit to that and to yourself and then take action, even work becomes play.

2. Calling the enjoyment of life The Brat Life is a way of expressing gratitude. It’s acknowledging that there are beautiful and enjoyable things all around and that we ARE spoiled with many pleasurable gifts and experiences because the universe is an abundant place. And… we are willing to receive and never take any of it for granted. 

You are here on this magical and mysterious planet. You have the gift of a body which allows you to experience beauty in all kinds of ways. Whether you believe that we only have one life to live or you land on the other side of the coin and believe that we keep coming back and doing it again, this is the only time and place where you will be in this life exactly in this way. Are you living the life you desire? Are you having way too much fun? It’s never too late to start. More “bratting” leads to more fulfilled people. More fulfilled people leads to more kindness, happiness, creativity, ideas and inventions which creates a better world for us all. Cheers to The Brat Life!