Guilty Of Heresy Episode 9: Being True to You

Evan Braun is a Canadian book editor, novelist, and journalist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. From growing up evangelical to pursuing a career in faith-based publishing, he has spent the entirety of his life walking in Christian circles, thinking deeply about questions of spirituality, science, meaning, and personal significance. I briefly crossed paths with Evan over 20 years ago at Church and Bible School in Huntsville, Alabama. Unbeknownst to me at that time, Evan had come out as being gay and was in the process of coming out as a non-believer of the faith and traditions in which he grew up. In this conversation Evan demonstrates that it is possible to be true to oneself without having to fight. Living your best life, whatever that is for you, can be done with graciousness, kindness and inclusion even when you are surrounded by those who have differing points of view from yours. If you have ever had your own coming out or are in the process, whether it be religion, sexuality or any other area of life, this conversation is filled with gems that may be quite useful to you. Welcome to Guilty of Heresy: Being True to You.